Sustainability Report 2010
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Cm3 - Australia

Case Study

Cm3 - Australia

Over the past two years Westfield in Australia has worked closely with Noel Arnold & Associates (NAA) – a leading specialist in contractor occupational health and safety (OHS) risk management – to customise an online data system that accurately tracks and manages information about external contractors working in Westfield facilities. The system, known as Cm3, holds contractor information that specifically relates to OHS risk management. 

Selecting and using contractors with the ability to demonstrate their OHS capability has been an increasingly important and significant challenge for the Group. Many functions in managing assets’ facilities are managed through the engagement of contractors, and the need to understand their OHS capability becomes progressively complex when engaging the services of contractors on a national basis across jurisdictional regimes. 

Cm3 enables the online assessment of OHS capabilities of contractors and service providers while monitoring their compliance documents, including public liability insurance, workers’ compensation and trade licenses.

The partnership between Westfield and NAA has brought innovation to Cm3 that has improved the system from both a client and contractor perspective. Customised innovations include the ability to communicate directly with contractors through Cm3, and the ability to track to contractor’s pre-qualification process at a national, state or asset level. 

The system has provided the Group with greater accuracy, transparency and efficiency in working with its contractors to assist them in managing their own activities safely. Cm3 has also positioned Westfield to meet a key requirement of the Australian Government’s proposed OHS Harmonisation Legislation due to be introduced in January 2012 which is to communicate and consult with all workers, including contractors. 

A further innovation in the system allows staff to complete an online survey of a given contractor’s performance through Cm3, enabling other Westfield staff to assess the quality of the work conducted by the contractor on behalf of the Group. 

Collaboration with NAA has led to the evolution of Cm3, adding considerable value to both partners as a result of sharing Westfield’s expertise in day-to-day asset and contractor management with NAA’s expertise in the provision of risk management solutions and software systems.