Sustainability Report 2010
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ecoWISE Comes to the US Portfolio

Case Study - United States

ecoWISE Comes to the US Portfolio

Energy Savings Through Efficient Building Management

Westfield is implementing an enterprise energy management system across its shopping centres in the United States known as ecoWISE. 

The ecoWISE system will help drive the shopping centres to become “smart buildings” and allow Westfield to receive more accurate, real time energy data about any system or piece of equipment that uses electricity. 

The system allows building functions to be controlled from a secured workstation on the Westfield IT network, and ultimately means a lower operating cost requiring fewer natural resources. 

Benefits of the system will be realised in the following ways: 

  • Real time energy data — The real time data will enable Westfield to make appropriate changes more quickly and efficiently, maximising the opportunity to reduce utility tariff structures;
  • Robust building controls — Facilities Managers for the first time will be able to control all major building energy components from one single user interface. This contrasts with past systems where the Group’s portfolio had a large spectrum of existing energy management system manufacturers, with varying levels of technology advancement and methods of control, and with some properties having no automatic control systems whatsoever. ecoWISE will now provide the entire portfolio with a uniformly high standard of building management.
  • Intelligent analytics and alarms — With vastly more data being collected and utilised, analytics and alarms can now be generated to help highlight wasteful energy usage and provide actionable alerts. These tools will help drive change in the energy profile of the centre.
  • Secure Westfield network — The network will give Westfield staff access at any location secured through Westfield IT protocol and will give corporate oversight of the centres to ensure that energy is being used cost effectively.

By managing building energy usage automatically, ecoWISE will also free up Facilities Managers in each shopping centre to focus more closely on front‑of‑house areas. 

It is common for utility companies to state that even minor upgrades to an energy management system can yield 5-15% savings. Complete new installations — such as the ecoWISE system — can yield up to 30% energy savings. 

Westfield has conservatively assumed that the installation of ecoWISE — which commenced rollout in early 2010 — will yield a minimum 5% energy saving for each of the centres in its US portfolio.