Sustainability Report 2010
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Global Safety Reporting

Case Study

Global Safety Reporting

Three years ago Westfield identified the need to replace the existing health and safety data collection process with a global Life Safety reporting system. Westfield began work with integrum - an Australian compliance and risk management systems & software development company - to develop, deliver and support a Global Safety Reporting (GSR) system designed to meet the Group’s unique needs involving more than 120 facilities and projects of varying sizes and complexity in four countries. 

The system involves the routine collection of information relating to health and safety data, providing a real-time notification and consolidation of “Life Safety” information to all management levels of Westfield globally. 

The GSR system allows data from Life Safety indicators to be automatically aggregated from underlying source data (including records of audits, reviews, incidents and injuries for example) into monthly consolidated reports. The quantitative data is supported by qualitative commentary from management ‘on the ground’, and also includes data from contractor companies including security, cleaning and maintenance, which can access the GSR system online with secure self-registration to submit their information to the work flow. 

The system automatically prompts different levels of Westfield management to review, provide comment and approve the reports before submitting them to the next level of management. All data input, commentary & consolidation is captured by a comprehensive audit trail to ensure robustness of reporting.

Since its implementation, the GSR system has enabled Westfield to track performance targets more accurately, analyse trends and improve accountability for Life Safety management, while substantially increasing efficiency and reducing the costs of reporting.