Sustainability Report 2010
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Sustainability Governance

Sustainability GovernanceSustainability Governance

Westfield Sydney, AUSWestfield Sydney, AUS
Westfield Century City, USWestfield Century City, US


The board of Westfield Group has ultimate responsibility for the corporate governance policies and practices of the company. Material decisions are taken by the Group’s Executive Committee which comprises three Executive Board members (the joint Chief Executive Officers and Finance Director); Group Deputy Chief Financial Officer; Group Director Finance; Group General Counsel; and Westfield country Managing Directors. 

Each country Managing Director receives regular reports on sustainability matters, in particular climate change — and includes relevant information in an operational report provided for each meeting of the Board of Directors. 

The Group has nominated senior managers and teams in each of its operating markets to be responsible for sustainability. The direct responsibility for managing information on sustainability rests with these individuals located in Australia, New Zealand, the United States and the United Kingdom respectively, and the structures have been established to reflect the needs of each market. 

In Australia, the position responsible for sustainable change is the General Manager Facilities and Sustainability Australia. This executive is responsible for the sustainability of the Group’s Australian assets and works closely with all divisions of the business. 

The role reports to the Director of Shopping Centre Management, to the Australian Executive Committee and the Managing Director Australia & New Zealand. The General Manager Facilities and Sustainability prepares and presents monthly reports to the Australian Executive Committee and in addition conducts one-on-one monthly meetings with the Australian Managing Director to communicate key issues. 




While each of Westfield’s operating regions has customised its governance of corporate social responsibility to suit the unique structure of that market, all policies and practices are governed by the Group Executive Committee. 

A cross-divisional committee has been established in Australia — the Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Network — which meets bi-monthly and is chaired by the General Manager Facilities and Sustainability. The members of the network include representatives from development, design & construction, finance, leasing, risk management, human resources, marketing, IT and shopping centre management. 

In New Zealand, climate change practices are managed by the General Manager of Construction and the General Manager for Centre Management and Marketing. The progress and status of sustainability is reported through monthly operational meetings and bi-annual sustainability planning meetings with the New Zealand Director. 

Progress and status is reported against the New Zealand sustainability plan, which requires the New Zealand Director’s approval. Two dedicated team leaders from construction and shopping centre management respectively are tasked with implementing key objectives of the sustainability plan, reporting to their general managers on a regular basis. 

In the United States climate change issues are directly overseen by the Senior Executive Vice President Property Management Group. The role also oversees the Sustainability Group, which is headed by the Vice President National Operations, reporting to the Senior Vice President Center Management Los Angeles, National Operations, Security and Sustainability.

In the United Kingdom and Europe, Westfield’s climate change agenda (which forms part of its sustainability agenda) is set by the UK Management Committee (UKMC), which is chaired by the Managing Director of the United Kingdom and Europe. The UKMC meets on a monthly basis to discuss and review all UK business goals, including sustainability related objectives. The progress and status of sustainability is communicated to the Chief Operating Officer or the Managing Director. The issue of climate change is addressed across the business by the design, development and construction teams, central procurement, and the General Manager of Operations. Both the Building Services and Facilities Managers at centres, offices and construction sites drive initiatives to address sustainability matters.