Sustainability Report 2010
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The Westfield Group

The Westfield GroupThe Westfield Group

The board and senior management have made sustainable business practice a priority, seeking to incorporate sustainability principles into the Group’s culture and operations. 

The aim of sustainable business practice is to operate the business safely, more efficiently, use energy more wisely, produce less waste, engage with the community, and build and redevelop shopping centres that make the most of technology and new design techniques to minimise impact on the environment. 

“ While Westfield remains focused on growth, it recognises that this must include consideration of the economic, social and environmental aspects of our business. The board believes that this philosophy leads to better risk management, cost savings, innovation and a performance within the business that drives shareholder returns and meets our obligations to the communities in which we operate.” 

Frank Lowy AC, Chairman
Address to Shareholders, Annual General Meeting 2006

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