Sustainability Report 2010
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Westfield Stratford City

Westfield Stratford CityWestfield Stratford City

As one of the most environmentally efficient retail centres in the United Kingdom, Westfield Stratford City has been designed to achieve excellence in sustainability.

The completed £1.743 billion landmark centre will be the gateway to the London 2012 Olympic Games and opened in September 2011. As Europe’s largest shopping centre with 1.9 million square feet of retail, and a new town centre with residential, commercial and leisure space including two hotels, achieving excellence in sustainability has been a priority in the development of Westfield Stratford City. On completion, the centre generates 75% of its own energy needs.


The centre is Europe’s largest urban shopping centre at
1.9 million square feet, with over 300 stores which will attract a 4.1 million catchment population that spends over
£23 billion each year.

Urban Regeneration

Westfield Stratford City has created a major new metropolitan centre for East London. A contemporary fusion of indoor and outdoor environments, it provides a unique sense of place joining two major rail interchanges which straddle a town centre with retail, residential, commercial and leisure space.


Almost 3000 local residents have helped build Stratford City, and on opening there are more than 10,000 jobs in retail, leisure and hospitality with over 350 different employers.

The project also includes the Skills Place, and on-site retail academy which is a permanent training centre for people working at the centre and their employees, as well as local community members looking for employment.


An unrivalled transport network means Stratford City is set to become one of the best connected retail destinations in the United Kingdom, with £17 billion invested in public transport in the lead-up to the London 2012 Olympic Games.

The centre will connect two major transport hubs — Stratford Regional, set to be the UK’s 9th busiest station, and Stratford International, linking directly with continental Europe on network completion.


Grants to community groups including those for arts, education, sport, vocational, recreation and culture have helped Stratford establish itself as a hub for its new community in the surrounding area.


The retail centre makes use of natural light, effective insulation, high efficiency lighting, heating and cooling and control of solar gain to ensure that the buildings are at least 10% more energy efficient than required by building regulations.

An onsite CCHP (Combined Cooling, Heat and Power Plant) generates 75% of energy requirements, ensuring that power is generated, supplied and used in ways that limit the development’s carbon emissions.